Frequently Ask Question(FAQ)

1. How do you ship?

We ship Priority Mail, shipping takes anywhere from 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS depending on when you placed your order.

2. How can I track my order?
Tracking numbers are emailed to you when your packing slip is created. Be sure sure to check you SPAM BOX as well. If you have not received a tracking number after 48 hours please contact us at

3. How often do you ship orders out?
We ship orders out Monday thru Friday

4. Why do you only ship to billing addresses?
We ship to billing addresses only, to eliminate fraud. If you place an order and ask to have it sent to another address we will refund the payment on the spot.

5. Where i my order!!??
Firstly when inquiring about an order give a little more info than “Where my order at!!??” State when you placed the order and your order number this will allow us to better serve you and help things run smoothly. Email etiquette is a thing.

6. Whats your social media
Right now we have an IG page @my_apetamin_gains be sure to follow. A Facebook page is being worked on.

7. How can you be reached?
We can be reached at  all emails go to my phone.

This page will be updated regularly as questions and issues arise, we thank you for your business and hope to continue to serve you in the future…..